Elaine’s kind and truly positive nature combined with her unique background as a professional dancer and student of eastern movement forms is incredibly special. She brings such a wealth of knowledge, a lover of her craft, a centeredness and true care for her students – that instantly you know that you are in very good hands!

She is able to communicate and demonstrate very clearly and work with people of all levels and abilities in a challenging, yet fun and supportive way.

Monica C., Dance Director - Oakwood School’s Academy of Creative Education
Elaine Wang came into our company and made Fridays an exciting day. Our weekly company yoga class has reduced stress, dealt with back pains, helped posture and overall provided us with a great sense of energy and peace that carries well over into our weekends.

Elaine brings a sense of ease and comfort in all her teachings. She is professional and has a kindness in her that you feel when she is instructing you. It’s been a real pleasure having her come into our organization and making a difference.

John B., CEO - Primary Freight
I have known Ms. Wang for the last fifteen years in our work as dance educators and colleagues. In this time, I have come to know and respect her as a skilled educator and gifted artist. As a dance educator, she brings her expertise as a performer and choreographer to the classroom, allowing her students to truly experience dance as art in education. She has a strong content knowledge, and excellent pedagogical skills.

Her knowledge of dance is both deep and wide, and she is able to communicate this knowledge to her students with a great deal of skill and eloquence. She gives students the opportunity to work creatively, and also provides them with a strong technical framework. She sets high goals and expectations for both herself and her students, and provides the support needed to help her students achieve those goals.

Ms. Wang excels at creating a classroom environment that is safe and supportive, and produces dancers that take creative risks and are confident in their performance abilities. Her dedication to her students goes beyond the school day, extending into the after school hours and weekends.

Not only is Ms. Wang a fine educator and artist, but she is also a joy to work with.

She is an excellent team player, and is highly collaborative, creative and generous in her dealings with both colleagues and students. Her dependability and diligence are noteworthy, and her dedication to the art of dance and dance education is without question.

Shana H., MA, Dance Demonstration Teacher - Los Angeles Unified School District Arts Education Branch
Elaine Wang has been my professional colleague for over one year in the capacity of director of the wellness program at West Coast Fertility Center in Orange County California. She played a leading role in the development of this niche program to help medical patients struggling to overcome metabolic and nutritional challenges related to infertility problems.

She has organized and implemented an educational workshop empowering patients to modify behavior, reduce stress and improve self-esteem. Elaine is artistic, creative and able to engage and motivate other co-workers and clients to reach their health maintenance goals. We are proud to have Elaine as a key member of our wellness program.

David G. Diaz, MD, Clinical Program Director - West Coast Fertility Centers
Elaine’s classes are a wonderful integration of yoga, qigong, and dance principles. Each class had a clear theme and movement concept that was developed and interwoven seamlessly into the progression of class.

Her knowledge of anatomy and movement principles kept our bodies both safe and challenged at the same time. I always felt a deep shift in energy level, physical mobility, and mental clarity.

Dr. Roozbeh Sahrai, MD, Founder and Chiropractor - Advanced Body Care Wellness Center
Elaine is a highly professional and passionate teacher. She combines her expertise in yoga, dance, qigong, and tai chi to create uniquely personalized healing experiences for her students.

She has a deep understanding of anatomy and disease, and uses this to guide her students to create lasting transformations of health in mind, body and spirit. Elaine is one of the kindest and most compassionate teachers that I have ever worked with.

Nicole M., CEO & Founder of Yoga by Nature, LLC
Elaine’s instructional and “hands-on” style has made her wellness class very interesting! As she shows us the pose, she explains what we are doing as well as how it benefits us. She then moves around the room to make sure we are doing it correctly.

Elaine also introduces movements from Qigong and Tai chi. By the end of class, we feel stretched, more flexible and refreshed.

Marty M., Executive Assistant - Intex Corporation
Elaine Wang is one of the people who I most respect. She has shaped her life to be congruent with her values, ideals, passions, and artistic vision. Elaine gives generously of herself to both youth and adults through her art (choreography and performance), as well as her teaching. Elaine is committed, persistent, reliable, and loving.

She has clear, effective classroom management, as well as age-appropriate, fun lessons. I marvel at her ability to both contain the environment safely, while creating space for creative exploration. She brings her artistry to everything she does, as well as good humor and a great ease with people. She is in the top 1% of people who I have worked with, taught, or employed.

Michael R., MA, Founder/Director - MUV Dance and Yoga
Elaine approaches everything that she does with creativity, conscientiousness, and care. She is deeply resourceful in her approach to teaching and continually integrates new information for the benefit of her clients. Her energy and enthusiasm is infectiously engaging.
Ping H., MA, MPH, Founding Director - UCLArts and Healing