Our Mission

In-Dwell Health & Wellness specializes in building and delivering custom wellness programs for specific communities.

Our holistic approach provides a range of benefits for participants by building immune health, physical health, and emotional well-being.

We proudly offer wellness programs that optimize the lives of full-time caregivers as well as employees who work in corporate settings.  Additionally, we’re very excited to announce the launch of our most recent program, Fertility Fit Kit.  Fertility Fit Kit is an online mind-body wellness program designed to support women undergoing fertility treatment.  For more information, please visit www.fertilityfitkit.com


Elaine Wang came into our company and made Fridays an exciting day. Our weekly company yoga class has reduced stress, dealt with back pains, helped posture and overall provided us with a great sense of energy and peace that carries well over into our weekends.

Elaine brings a sense of ease and comfort in all her teachings. She is professional and has a kindness in her that you feel when she is instructing you. It’s been a real pleasure having her come into our organization and making a difference.

John B., CEO - Primary Freight
Elaine is a highly professional and passionate teacher. She combines her expertise in yoga, dance, qigong, and tai chi to create uniquely personalized healing experiences for her students.

She has a deep understanding of anatomy and disease, and uses this to guide her students to create lasting transformations of health in mind, body and spirit. Elaine is one of the kindest and most compassionate teachers that I have ever worked with.

Nicole M., CEO & Founder of Yoga by Nature, LLC
Elaine Wang has been my professional colleague for over one year in the capacity of director of the wellness program at West Coast Fertility Center in Orange County California. She played a leading role in the development of this niche program to help medical patients struggling to overcome metabolic and nutritional challenges related to infertility problems.

She has organized and implemented an educational workshop empowering patients to modify behavior, reduce stress and improve self-esteem. Elaine is artistic, creative and able to engage and motivate other co-workers and clients to reach their health maintenance goals. We are proud to have Elaine as a key member of our wellness program.

David G. Diaz, MD, Clinical Program Director - West Coast Fertility Centers